I know you will have lots of questions still, so here are a few more of them answered...

Q:       I’ve heard it's expensive to do the advanced test – how much will it actually cost me?

A:      You could have passed the Advanced Test and be an Advanced Motorist and a Member of the IAM for £149 - in total!   The only additional payment you may have to pay is a small contribution on each observed ride towards the observers fuel and tyre cost at a maximum of £10.00 per ride. Compare that to the cost of losing your Insurance No Claims Bonus or even your Insurance Voluntary Excess (the amount you pay for any claim you make - usually at least £150, irrespective of the size of the Claim) and you can see what a bargain passing the Advanced Test is.

Q:       When I pass my test will I be able to get a discount on my bike insurance?

 A       Depending on your insurer, you may be entitled to a discount from your insurance premium as an IAM member. This depends upon your insurer, but the IAM have also arranged their own insurance through Cornmarket Insurance Brokers - IAM Surety Insurance can offer you significant savings over other insurers (depending on your own situation and record).

Q:       What else do I get for my money?

A:      As well as a structured fixed length course and a test, your £149 includes a full advanced riding manual - your "Advanced Riding Course Logbook"  A practical and detailed manual, this will give you all the information you need to know what is expected of you in becoming a better rider and passing the advanced test. This book is required reading if you want to be successful in your quest to become an Advanced Motorcycle Rider. It also contains Observed Ride Run Sheets that will be used to record your perogress and your development plans.  It's full of excellent advice and practical examples about the advanced System of Motorcycle Control - it's also got lots of hints and tips about what the examiner will be looking out for on your test.

Q:       Will I have to pay subs?

A:      The first year's subscription to the IAM is included in the 'Advanced Riding Course' package. However, annual subscriptions thereafter are currently charged at £33.75 for direct debits or £38.00 for other payments and SLAM yearly subscriptions are charged at £10.00 (payable by standing order, only after you've successfully been through the Advanced Riding Course with us). SLAM use this money to replace vital equipment such as bike-to-bike radio and to cover observer training costs, administration, printing, insurances, etc.  For a more detailed explanation of membership of SLAM, read this section: https://www.slambikers.co.uk/about-us/membership-explained

Q:       Can I attend SLAM ride outs and other events before I take the test?

A:       Once you have bought the Advanced Riding Course you are an Associate Member of the IAM and as such you are welcome to come along on any SLAM Events. If you wish to go on a ride out, simply speak to your Observer who will confirm your riding is at an acceptable level, then on the ride make yourself known to the ride leader who will make sure you know how the ride and safety arrangements work. If you've not yet started the course, speak to Karen (see below) and she will arrange for you to have a short assessment ride to confirm your riding is at an acceptable level to join SLAM rides.  Give it a try – you’ll be made very welcome!

I'm sure you may have more questions...

So why not contact us now! For more details please ring our Group Contact, Karen Poppleton on

0845 270 9409 or  contact@slambikers.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!

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