Should I have a nose job?

No, it’s a serious question… not borne out of any kind of narcissistic yearnings, but following a great day out at Motorcycle Live!

Now don’t get me wrong – I love my Multistrada (Muttley) and we’ve been together now for 2 ½ years, so it’s serious!  And they have been very happy times too.  But I have to say, there were some fine noses on display at the Show!

At first I was attracted by New Faces (and for any fans of Pop Master, that will mean either a Glasgow band from the early 60’s or a brit-pop influenced Washington-based band who used to be called Captain Incognito… really!)…

Nose Job 1

But I quickly realised that these were mostly out of my league… or to be more specific, I probably wouldn’t be able to get my feet on the pegs!  So I set my sights rather more practically and was even spotted on a BMW F750… it was very comfortable too!  So I kept looking and found even more amazing noses…

Nose Job 2

I think the message I took away was that there is a nose to fit everyone out there… from Panigale V4 to Harley with Watsonian sidecar… we should never turn our noses up at the bikes ridden by others! We all love our biking and we are all different (yes, even the GS army) and that is one of the greatest things about biking… that and the wonderful variety of people we meet and share our passions with.


Long may it continue… and Muttley – I still love you! 

As this will be the last SLAM News before Christmas, may I take the opportunity of wishing all SLAM Members and their friends and families a very Happy Christmas – hope to see you on the Wrinkly Sack!

Ride safe, have fun!


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I am a serving National Observer for IAM based in London and have been riding around the Pyrenees for four years, between my work with LAM and Bloodrunning for SERV.

As we move into winter, riders are often planning their trips for next year and we are seeing good interest from IAM riders for tours with us. I hope that you could direct Members from your Group my way, if they are thinking about a Pyrenees run. 

The website link is here

Peter Hase


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